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1 Feb 1810

as great a player to the take the sometime
as Bonaparte to war.

For a considerable time before the peace of Utrecht, nothing
could be clearer to that part of the nation a party which at the time of the peace
became the predominant one than that the profits of the
war were had in the breast bosom of that great man statesman as well as warrior been the cause of the
prolongation of it, and so being he continuing in power
would so to continue to be, so long as those profits
continued or any part of them. The piety of the Right
Honorable Gentleman who in the provision duty of advising majesty
occupies the place then occupied by the Duke of Marlborough
may probably be more ardent than even that
of the Duke of Marlborough: but considering that the
French though not exactly Papists, are not at all better
and if there be any difference, rather worse, the danger a thing
not inconceivable is that
is lest viewing them worse than Papists in the light
analogous to that in which Moses and his successors viewed the Canaanites,
he should without any the smallest regard to the profits of the
war be bent on pursuing it till it had received the
same happy termination in this case as in that.

When in the view of defalcating somewhat from
the mass of avoidable delay vexation and expence the delay under which Scottish judicature justice was then supposed
to labour Lord Grenville brought in his Bill for th Bill brought in by Lord Grenville had been
laid upon the shelf and a fresh Bill the principal
feature of which was the dividing the Court Judicatory of Session
into two, had been brought in by Lord Eldon, it this
noble part was opposed by a noble friend of the Ex Minister
and on this ground that forasmuch as the most learned all the learning
in the world will not enable the same man to be in two
places at once, here would be a most cruel and irreparable injury
to those learned persons whose transcendent learning
placed them under the existing system in all the causes.

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