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23 Feb. 1810
Parly Reform Sinecures

The real mischief of a Sinecure wherein in what does it
consist? not in the idleness, but in the over-pay waste, not
in the absence of labour, viz. on the part of the Sinecurist
but in the wreck of public money.

The existing Sinecurists suppose them a to pay attendance
every one of them at their respective offices: supposing
an such exercise of public power, compelling such
attendance. Here would In show here would be a reform
in appearance discipline, strict discipline, but the effect of it would be all their mischief. On the
part of the sinecurists great suffering: while the business
of each supposing it wherever it were in its capable of being worse done at
present, would probably be worse done by these raw and
habitually indolent hands than by the experienced hands
by which it is done at present. Neither To the public purse of
the public in respect of the public purse or to the individuals
of from whom in the name of fees the emolument
is extracted, in respect of their purses by the supposition there would be no advantage.

Suppose the emolument divided amongst a number
of persons, each of them bound or not bound to attendance.
Here on show would be another show of reform: but in one great
branch of it instead of diminution the mischief would receive encrease.
More placement places, more placement: more placement
more expectants: more expectants – more dependents held
in thraldom by Court and ministerial influence.

Of the present Sinecurists some perhaps would disappear:
resigning the office rather than submitt to the irksomenesslabour of
its duties of the attendance: the interest of the purse would be sacrificed to
the interest of the pillow. But by this change what would the public
be the better? no Just nothing. So much money being to be wasted
what matters it whether it be on A or on B that it is wasted? The case of Sinecures
is therefore incapable
of being thoroughly
provided for without
taking into the account
the case of overpaid
places. Every overpaid
place is pregnant with
a Sinecure.

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