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3 April 1810

These are among those things which on account of their plainness
to the meanest capacity one is almost ashamed to state;
it requires a man to be to avoid to
not to understand shame.
In this latter case

I say most for his advantage: – most, and
not in a degree barely equal. For whom the it is
by the Son or other near relation that the office is
filled or by a husband perhaps bought with it for a daughter,
unfilled office is filled the office instrument flows with in to the family
coffers in an undiminished strain: – it may be
thus continue to flow in – it has thus continued to flow in
for half a century together(a): whereas when sold,
such has been (such in former days at least, and to be his effect of doubts and misgivings)
in the course the safety of which has been understood
to disposed upon in
the office, if sold whatever it be has
scarce fetched half a dozen years purchase.

As blood-relationship grows more and more remote
as connection, to the official cause source of it principle of connection what it may, grows
looser and looser, the office, if not to be disposed upon of
but in the way of gift, , it is evident decreases it must be confessed, more and
more in value. But, out of this decreasing series any such decrease
an argument which should go about to prove should any one man go about to prove
to make an argument to prove for proving that, while gift
is left upon its present footing, or any footing approaching
to the present, the subs abolition of sale would be
of any use is as rational as to power that what he exactly absol would be saying would say have about as much reason in it as if he were to say insist that
a thousand hundred pound is not worth anything, because
it is not worth so much as ten thousand a thousand.

(a) Look at the Reports of the two Finance Committees of 1797-8
and 1807-8, and behold the rivers of gold, that which through this
channel have flowed, are flowing, and are about to flow into the
coffers of the Yorkes, the Henleys, the , the King Thurlows, the
the Laws and the Scotts: all having for their source none of these strains having their source in any
(a) Note. Stating the fortunes that have thus been raised such sordid selfish
and mercantile principles as sale, none of them having their source in
a principle of less purity and less pure piety: obligations which being
received from the crown through the pious hands of fathers, or
"of connections as variable
"as the paternal
"the dependences which
"arise from them, are
(as we are assured by Edmund
in the defiance of
plunderage as contained
in his to his
Bull" the obligation of gratitude, not the and not the fetters of servility.
The misfortune is that by and with all this piety, and as by
way of comment on that Magna Charter which a correspondent
of is calling upon the Archbishop of Canterbury to enforce,
The misfortune is – that, by and with this piety justice is denied
to more than nine parts out of ten of the people, the benefit of oppression
secured to the rich in the character of plaintiffs, and that of
fraud to defendants with other men's money in their pockets. And this
or that principle of peace which grave and profound men are so delighted with, under the name of a
check to litigation.

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