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2 Mar. 1810

On In another occasion instance somehow like perplexity alleviated by sinister
consolation. I mean that of the another pair
the pair of Honourable .

In p. No 75, page 284, he will find them like the pair
of Lord Seymours striving upon jointly upon a pittance of £7, less than that which
is afforded in severally to a Chelsea Pensioner. In No 76
page 286 he will find them still crowded together in one
Office, viz. that of the Prothonotary in the Common Pleas as
before, and in that state of compensation comfort of which a picture sketch which
stands indicated by the figures, 10,023 under in the Column
of pounds. More pounds by a good moneyalmost by five and twenty hundred would he require
to be added before the £10,023 were made up £12,511:
but these are but Honourables, whereas those were Lords.

Under the sense of this still remaining deficiency it will be some small
consolation to him to find observe in this latter No and
latter page, what that of which the former other gave no hope
be matter of some small consolation to him to have a of
good news of which No 75 and page 286 gave not a
ray of hope, and to observe one of those Honourable persons
engaged, especially as it is only though it by Deputy, in an occupation
so useful to the public, and it is hoped let us hope not otherwise
than agreable to himself, as that of weighing of Cork:
or to keep clear of mistakes being "one of the Weighers
"of Cork": but upon this occasion what "Cork" is, viz.
whether a County, a City, or a cortex – and accordingly
what the indication of afforded object pointed at by the proposition of
viz. whether it be thing weighed, or the place at which
things are weighed – is a doubt which is the pure result
of any acknowledged and it is to be hoped not altogether
unpardonable ignorance, and consequently not in any degree
chargeable upon a select assemblage of Honourable Gentlemen all
Honourable, and doubtless some
, and by to
whom, on the part of any
person for whom any
such information could
with parliamentary propriety
be designed, no
suspicion of any such
ignorance could naturally have been entertained.

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