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8 March 1810

Such for aught I know may be the fact: but be this
as it may, nowhere is any intimation to that or any such effect

Even supposing the fact so to be the and the system
of authentication, though howsoever secret, actually in existence
still it is not every article that has the benefit of it.
For out of 212 articles of which the list of Sinecures
and Offices exercised by Deputy is composed, and of which
the List of Revisions
and Offices held for joint
is composed, making
together ,
there are but
to which any intimation of the No which employed for distinguishing to characterize
the paper (the return as it the phrase is called) from which the
information was obtained, is stands annexed.

Any Nay (but it may perhaps be said) alone you as often as in
so any paper contained in either of those lists, you see opposite to any
article, a No in the column in question allotted to that purpose, the conclusion you are to
draw is – that till you come to another No
one which, in a line with which you find a different No
all the intermediate articles be were extracted, all of them
from the paper distinguished by such first No as above.
Such in truth is the conclusion which I have drawn ventured to
draw: but whether with that diffidence with which
very every step is naturally and not improperly
accompanied on the part of a one man who feels himself
in the dark wandering in utter darkness.

Neither would for the lightening of this darkness, would
an sssurance to that effect, were it even be given, and given by the Committee
itself, be altogether sufficient. For in a paper that
No of the Appendix which is marked No 79 in a sort of
introductory liaison in which are contained 7 articles although
the first of the its three Columns is headed in the same manner as those
which precede and f those which follow it, viz. with the words "No. of Papers"
neither the first nor the second of the articles have either of them any
such indicative No
or assemblage of figures
as is here in question.

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