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6 Aug. 1811
Hulks &c

But when this in law insults a proportion if a
have the in proportion as the were precautioned necessary to securing the apt application of itv it will appear fact if being taken to them that in respect of any encrease to be given to the quantum or
quantity of really useful public service much more depends upon the ass of
the applicable kinds upon the of the quantity, and by the application of the matter of that really useful
service is just as capable of being and little less apt to be prevented
as . The matter of os the matter of good – the matter of punishment
is the matter of evil by the distribution in so far as the distribution is arbitrary the public culture
is no more by it
in the one case than in the other.
by arbitrary of
in the hands of a the
public is not more likely
to be served than by
equally arbitrary power
of punishment in the hands
of a Judge, and that for
as much as to the Judge the
matter of punishment misapplied
is of no use but
to the purposes of
vengeance, while the
the of reward
misapplied is of to
all sorts of purposes
the matter of just reward
is in proportion the much more apt exposed
to be misapplied than
the matter of punishment.

When with views really and sincerely public men
regard the stock of that matter which is destined in
appearance to be applied to the purpose of remuneration reward
is regarded with so much complacency, the a supposition
to express or tacit always is with by in which that complacency
is grounded always that the services mass of service to be productive of
what it is applied are to the most useful that can be found occurr
that for the application of it to such real service is secured
in the most effectual arrangement are adopted and pursued measures, that the proportions in
which different quantities of it are adapted attached to different
quantities of service are such as are least calculated to.

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