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54 A Head of Caligula, Cameo, Onyx, set in Brilliants
55 A head of Virgil, Cameo, Onyx
56 Lufus Naturae, representing a Snake, beautiful Oriental Sardonyx
57 A Head of Alexander, Cameo, Onyx
58 A Head of Lucius Verus, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
59 A Talisman, of Three Cornelians, Intaglio
60 A Head of Leander, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
61 A Head of Alexander, Cameo, Onyx
62 A Head of Faustina, Cameo, Turkey Stone, with Diamonds
63 Eneas seeking Creusa, with a Torch in his Hand, Cameo, in a fine Oriental Onyx of Three
64 A Head of Bacchus, a large Intaglio, Sardonyx
65 A large Intaglio, representing Peace and Plenty, Sardonyx
66 A Head of Agrippina, a large Cameo, Sardonyx
67 A Group of Four Figures, representing Mars appearing to Venus, a large Cameo, beautiful
Oriental Onyx
68 A St. George, large Cameo, Onyx
69 A Group of Five Figures, large Intaglio, representing Mutius Scevola, Work of the fifteenth
Century, Sardonyx
70 A Head of Antinous, Cameo, Onyx, Three Colours
71 Vulcan forging the arms of Eneas, Intaglio, on a large Sardonyx
72 A group of Two Figures, representing Mutius Scevola, a large Intaglio, Sardonyx
73 A Head of Medusa, In Cameo, Alto-relievo, a Jasper Onyx, a singular and beautiful Stone
74 A Figure of a Bacchant, Cameo, beautiful Oriental Onyx
75 A Head of Mecenas, Cameo, Onyx
76 A Head of Minerva, Cameo, Jasper Onyx, set round with Rose Diamonds
77 A Fox, Intaglio, Cornelian Onyx
78 A Head of a young Hercules, Cameo, Onyx
79 A Head of Julia, Intaglio, Oriental Onyx
80 A Figure of a Satyr, Intaglio, Nicolo, antique
81 A Mask of Seneca, Intaglio, Onyx
82 A Figure of Psyche, Intalgio, Plasma, antique
83 A Head of Apollo, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
84 A Sea-horse, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
85 A Head of Jupiter, Intaglio, Onyx, antique
86 A Bull, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
87 A beautiful Eye, Oriental Onyx
88 A Figure of Victory, Intaglio, Jacynth, antique
89 A Head of Nero, Intaglio, Sardonyx
90 A Figure of Victory, Intaglio, Sardonyx, antique
91 A Figure of Mars, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
92 A Head of a Baccant, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
93 A Head of Augustus, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
94 A Head of Sappho, Intaglio, Cornelian
95 A Head of Lucilla, Intaglio, Sardonyx
96 A Head of Nero, Cameo, Onyx
97 A Head of the Strozzi Hercules, Cameo, Sicilian Shell
98 A Figure of a Priestess, Cameo, Onyx
99 A Figure of Venus, Intaglio, Calcedony
100 A Head of Julia, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
101 A Head of Mecenas, Cameo, Sicilian Shell
102 An Ant, Intaglio, Sardonyx, antique
103 A Head of Galba, Cameo, Sicilian Shell
104 A Head of Alexander, Cameo, Onyx
105 A Cupid in Chains, Cameo, Sicilian Shell
106 A Roman Eagle and Trophies, Intaglio, Jasper, antique
107 A Head of a Soldier, Intaglio, Plasma
108 A Head of Virgil, Cameo, Onyx
109 A Tree, with a Snake, a Crescent, and a Star, antique
110 A Cupid chained, Cameo, Sicilian Shell
111 A Head of a Baccant, Cameo, Onyx
112 A Head of Victory, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
113 A Head of Faustina, Intaglio, Onyx
114 A Head of Psyche, Cameo, Onyx of Three Colours
115 A Head of a Greek Philosopher, Cameo, Onyx
116 A Head of Diogenes, Cornelian Onyx of Three Colours, set round with Rose Diamonds
117 A Head of Plato, Intaglio, Cornelian, antique
118 A Head of Socrates, Cameo, Oriental
119 Cupid and Psyche, fine Intaglio, beautiful
120 A Porporino Stone, set in a Ring

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