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Exhibition and Sale.

MR. LEPRI has the Honour to inform the Nobility and Gentry that he has brought
from ROME a valuable & a large Collection of ANTIQUE & MODERN GEMS,
CAMEOS, and INTAGLIOS, which he preserved during the late Disturbances in
that City. — He flatters himself that Ladies and Gentlemen will be highly gratified
with the Sight of his Collection, which he means to dispose of in this Country
separately on reasonable Terms. They may be seen every Day (Sundays excepted), from
One till Four o'Clock, at Mr. TASSIE'S, No. 20, Leicester Square.

Mr. LEPRI has some antique Medals of Emperors, in Bronze and Gold. He has also
some Ladies Necklaces, Ear-rings, Boxes, Crosses, and Watch-chains, all in Oriental
Stone, set in Gold; and likewise some Roman Pearls, Miniatures, Mosaic
Stones and Fans, with beautiful Views of ancient and modern Buildings at Rome.

The lowest Prices are marked on one of the Catalogues, & left as above.


1 A HEAD of Augustus, Cameo, Onyx
2 A Head of Seneca, Cameo, Sardonyx
3 A Group of Mutius Scevola, &c. Cameo, Work of the fifteenth Century
4 A Term, representing a Faun, Cameo, inlaid in a Border, Sardonyx, antique
5 A Figure of Venus, Cameo, Onyx
6 A Head of Antoninus, Cameo, Onyx
7 A Head of Solon, Cameo, Onyx
8 A Head of Hannibal, Face Three Quarters, Cameo, Onyx
9 A Satyr fighting with a Goat, Cameo, Oriental Onyx, antique
10 A Head of Diogenes, Cameo, engraved by Pickler, fine Sardonyx
11 A Satyr dancing and playing on a Flute, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
12 A Head of a Faun, Cameo, oriental Onyx
13 A Head of Lepidus, Cameo, Onyx
14 A Figure representing Silenus, Cameo, Oriental Onyx
15 A Head of Epicurus, Three Quarters, Cameo, Saronyx
16 A Head of Julia, daughter of Titus, Intaglio, Cornelian
17 A Head of Caracalla, Cameo, inlaid in a green Jasper
18 An Etruscan Figure, Intaglio, Sardonyx, antique
19 A Head of a Negro, Cameo, Sardonyx
20 A Head of Augustus, Cameo, Onyx, of Three Colours
21 A Head of Lucius Verus, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
22 A Head of Jupiter, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
23 A Head of Cicero, Cameo, Onyx
24 A Dog, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
25 A Sphinx, Cameo, Oriental Onyx
26 A Head of Galba, Cameo, Onyx
27 A Head of Mecenas, Cameo, Onyx
28 A Term, Cameo, Onyx, inlaid in a Border, Sardonyx, antique
29 A Cameo, representing a Bacchant, a Silenus, and a Cupid, on a beautiful Onyx of Three
Colours, fine Greek Work, antique
30 Euripides, with a Mask of Plato, Cameo, Oriental Onyx
31 A fine Head of Julius Caesar, Cameo
32 A Head of Psyche, Cameo, Cornelian Onyx
33 A Head of Socrates, Cameo, Onyx
34 A Head of Brutus, Cameo, Onyx
35 A Figure in a Car drawn by Lions, Work of the fifteenth Century
36 A Head of Seneca, Cameo, Blood Stone
37 A Head of Plato, Cameo, Onyx
38 A Head of Alexander, Cameo, Onyx
39 A Head of a Vestal, Cameo, Oriental Onyx, antique
40 A Head of Pyrrhus, Cameo, Three Colours, Oriental Onyx
41 A Head of Marcellus, Cameo, Onyx
42 A Head of Jupiter, Cameo, Onyx
43 A Head of Lysimacus, Cameo, Onyx
44 A Head of a Muse, Cameo, Onyx
45 A Head of Galba, Cameo, Sicillian Shell
46 A Head of Paris, Intaglio, Sardonyx
47 A Head of Mars, Cameo, Onyx, Two Colours
48 A Head of a Muse, Cameo, Onyx
49 A Head of Paris, Cameo, Onyx
50 A Figure of Clio, Cameo
51 A Head of Antinous

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