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And be it further enacted that it
shall be lawful for the said Commrs
and they are hereby required as soon
as conveniently may be after their
appointment to retain and employ
such a number of fit and able men
as they shall judge necessary furnished
with proper Arms and Accoutrements
to act as Ministerial officers of the peace within
the District each of the several
Divisions herein after mentioned for
better preventing the commission of
Crimes and for the more speedy and
certain apprehending of Offenders
against the Law within the same as
well by Night as by Day Commrs to appoint offrs 25 to each Division viz 20 foot 4 Horse and one head officer That is to
say not less than 25 men who shall
Act in each of the said Divisions
herein after mentioned twenty of whom
shall be appointed to duty on foot
four on Horseback and one head
Officer to do Duty on foot or on
Horseback as occasion shall require.
the said 24 to be called petty Constables of the Division and the said head officer to be called Constable of the Division
to appoint also one chief officer of the Peace for the District
And the said Commissioners shall appoint
one chief officer to be called high Constable of the Peace for the said
District to do Duty on foot or on foot Horseback
as the occasions shall require. And
all and every such subordinate officer petty Constable and Constables
and officers of the Peace so appointed
as aforesaid are hereby strictly required
to obey such directions as they shall from
time to time receive from their respective head

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