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Any High or
Petty Constable
or Beadle, or other
Officer of the Peace
refusing to assist
the Commissioner,
or his Officers, to
forfeit not more
than £50 nor
less than 20 Shills.
or be committed to
Prison, for not
more than a

And be it further enacted that, if upon due request
made by the said Commissioners, or any of them or by
any person or persons, being an Officer or Officers duly
appointed by the said Commissioners, to any of the said
High Constables, Petty Constables, Headborough Watchmen, Beadles,
or other Officers of the peace or any of them, to accompany,
aid, and assist him or them, and to be present at the doing
or performing any act or acts at the doing or performing
whereof the presence of such Constable headborough
Watchmen Beadle, or other Officers of the peace is, by this present
act, made necessary, or the doing or performing of
any other matter or thing relating to the apprehending
of offenders, or preventing offences, where the aid and
assistance of such Constable, headbourough, Beadle or other
officer of the Peace, shall be thought needfull, or shall
be duly required or Commanded, by the said Commissioners
or any of them, or by any person or persons
being an Officer or Officers, duly appointed by the said
Commissioners, and such Constable, headbourough
Beadle, or other Officers of the Peace, shall neglect or
refuse so to do, then and in such Case, all and every
such Constable, headborough, Beadle, and other Officers
of the Peace, who shall refuse or neglect, to accompany
aid or assist such Commissioner or Commissioners,
or Officer or Officers as aforesaid, shall be liable, and he
or they are hereby made liable on Conviction before a
Justice of Peace, upon the Oath of one or more credible
witness, or witnesses, to forfeit such penalty as the
said Justice shall think fit, not being more than
£50 nor less than 20 Shillings, to be levied of the
Goods and Chattels of the said offender or that it
shall and may be lawfull for such Justice of the
Peace to commit the said Offenders to Prison for any
time not exceeding one month, there to remain
without bail and main

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