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These powers
are not sufficy
guarded —

And be in enacted by the authority aforesaid, that
it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners or any of them,
or for any person or persons being an Officer or Officers duly
appointed by the said Commissioners such officer being authorized
by a warrant under the hand and seal of the
said Commissioner or Commissioners, or one of them (which
warrant the said Commissioner or any of them is and
are hereby authorized and impowered to grant) to enter
into any dwelling house, outhouse, Shop, warehouse
cellar yard or other place, and also to break open to search for Rouges & Vagabonds And with a Warrant signed by Commissioner may break open Houses to search for felons or stolen Goods May enter house to search for Vagabonds & break house for felons and stolen goods
if necessary, the door or window of any such dwelling & also to break any Dwelling house, out House shop Warehouse Cellar
house outhouse, Shop, Warehouse, cellar, yard, or other Yard or other Place in order to search for Felons or accessorys accessories
place, where any felon, or felons or any idle and disorderly to felony or receivers of stolen goods or to search for any Goods Chattels
persons, rogues and vagabonds, or incorrigible rogues or other things stolen & feloniously taken & carried away — if such
or other offenders against the law is, or are suspected dwelling out House shop Warehouse Cellar yard or other place
to be harboured or where any Goods, or other things shall not be open on demand Over again
stolen, or unlawfully come by, are suspected to be
bought, received or any ways concealed, if not
opened on demand; and the said Offender, or Offenders
or him or them suspected of any of the said offences,
and the said goods or other things to take, apprehend, and
detain in order that such offender or offenders may be
dealt with according to law.

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