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And be it further enacted, that if any person or
persons whatsoever shall assault, resist, oppose, molest
obstruct or hinder the said Commissioners or any one
of them, or any person or persons being an officer or
officers of the said Commissioners in apprehending any
idle and disorderly persons, Rogues and Vagabonds, or
incorrigible rogues or
any person or persons suspected of Any Person resisting
or hindering an
Officer in searching
for Felons, or
stolen goods,
to be deemed
felons and
transported for
7 years.
having carrying or any ways conveying goods suspected
to be stolen, or unlawfully come by or in duly searching
for idle and disorderly persons felons accessories to felony receivers of Stolen Goods, rogues and vagabonds
or the incorrigible rogues or for suspected felons or other any goods chattels or other things stolen or feloniously taken & carried
offenders against the peace or for goods suspected to have away as aforesaid
been stolen, and to have been brought, or The severity
of this Law is
applicable to
many cases that it appear
appear to me
not fit to be
the objects of it —
concealed or shall by force or violence rescue, or shall
cause to be rescued any such person or persons, or
any such goods as aforesaid, or shall endeavour
by force and violence so to do, it shall and may be
lawful for such Commissioner or Commissioners, Officer
or Officers, and for all and every person and persons
acting in his, or their aid and assistance to arrest,
and detain all and every the person and persons so
offending, and him her or them forthwith, or as soon
as such offender, or offenders can be discovered and

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