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apprehended to convey before any one, or more Justice or
Justices of peace, or, if apprehended in the Night time to
lodge him, he or them in a Watch house, for safe custody
until the morning and then to carry and convey such
Person or Persons before any one or more Justice of Justices
of the peace — And such Justice or Justices of the peace
shall and may (if upon due examination he, or they find
cause) commit all and every or and of the said person or
persons to the next County Earl there to remain without bail
or mainprize, until he, she or they shall be delivered by
due course of law and all and every such person and persons
upon due part of his, her or their so rescuing, causing
to be rescued, or endeavouring by force and violence to
rescue, or cause to be rescued, such offender or offenders,
or such goods and chattels, or other things as aforesaid and
upon conviction of such offence, shall be adjudged
guilty of felony and shall be transported as a felon or
felons for the term of seven Years in the same manner as
felons are appointed to be transported by any act now
made or that hereafter may be made — And if such
Offender or offenders shall return into Great Britain before
the Expiration of the said Term, contrary to the true
intent and meaning hereof, he she or they so returning
shall suffer as felons, and shall have execution awarded
against them as persons attainted of felony without benefit
of Clergy

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