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What Persons
to be treated
as Rogues &

Some parts
of this description
might lead to
great oppression

And be it further enacted that
all and every person or persons who shall night Walkers all psons in the day time loitering ab<hi rend="superscript">t. witht having any visible
be found walking or being in the Streets manner means of Employmt, or without being actually employed all psons
or any abode House and or in notoriously suspected of being thieves & all psons gaming in the Publick
an Inn Street By places on Fields shall be liable to be apprehended by any officer of
place of public Diversion or public the sd Comm.rs or by any Constable Watchman or Beadle & carried
resort whatsoever or playing on before a Justice of peace & if such pson shall not be able to give
Working or not those who are playing suff.t surety for his or her good Behaviour he she or they shall be
for Money not any Game whatsoever adjudged deemed & taken to be a rogue & Vagabond within the intent
or wandering about without Employment & meaning of the Statute made in the 17th year of his Late
in by Places in Streets Fields or Majestys King George the 2nd Second, intitled "An Act to amend &
elsewhere shall be liable to be make more Effectual the laws relating to Rogues Vagabonds and
apprehended by any Constable and other Idle disorderly persons to houses of Correction" And all &
carried before a Justice of Peace and every Justice and Justices of the Peace as often as any such offender
if such Person shall not be able to shall be brought before him or them & committed for want of
shew that he she or they has some sufficient Surity Surety as afsd. shall immedly give Notice thereof
Master or Mistress, Parish, Relation to the sd Commissrs.
or other Person who will take Care of him
&ca. and answer for his good behaviour
or if he cannot give a good Account of
himself and that he maintains
himself by some honest Employment
or if it shall be proved by the confession
of the Party or by the Oath of one credible
Witness that such Person had been
indicted & tried for some Felony or
Fraud the Party so offending shall be
adjudged and taken to be a Rogue &
Vagabond. And if any Person or Persons

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