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The District to contain
nine Divisions &
a public Office to be
established in each
for transacting the
Business of a Justice
of peace

Be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid that —
the said District hereinbefore described shall be divided into —
nine Divisions and that a Public Office for transacting the
Business of a Justice of Peace be appointed in each and every
of the said Divisions and the said Nine Public Offices for the
said Nine Divisions shall be severally and respectively in or
near the following Streets & places, that is to say the Guildhall
of the City of London Bow Sheet and the Broadway in the City of
Westminster Oxford Sheet, Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Whitechapel and
Shadwell in the County of Middlesex and Union Street Southwark
And that the Names of the several Divisions and the Cities —
Liberties, Parishes Precincts or places contained in each Division
shall be as follows —

In the Guildhall Division
The whole of the City of London

In the Bow Street Division
The Parish of S.t Clement Danes}}both within and without the Duchy of Lancaster{{The Parish of S.t George Bloomsbury
{S.t Giles in the fields St Paul Covent
{Garden St Martin in the Fields —
{within the Liberty of S.t James Wetm
{S.t Arme without the liberty of Westminster

S.t Mary le Shand}{
The Precinct of the Savoy{
The Liberty of the Rolls{

In the Broadway Division

The Parish of St Margaret within the Liberty}}Kensington St Luke Chelsea
of Westminster — — — — —}
of S.t John the Evangelist within}
the Liberty of Westminster — —}

In the Oxford Sheet Division

The Parish of S.t Pancras — — — —}}The Parish of St George Hanover
}Square — Paddington

S.t Mary le Bone — —}

In the Clerkenwell Division

The Parish of S.t Mary Islington}}Part of the Parish os St Sepulchre of St
Andrew Holborm S.t George the Martyr
The Liberty of Glass House Yard the
Parish of S.t James Clerkenwell

of S.t Luke — —}
of S.t John Clerkenwell}

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