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other Justices may give
Notice of their Intention
to Act in any Office and
one Month after such
Notice may Act there lists
of Acting Justices to be made
and sent to the Sessions

And be it further Enacted that immediately after the
Establishment of the said Public Offices shall be made and signified
in the London Gazette any Justice of the Peace for the County of
Middlesex or Surry for the City of Westminster or the Borough of
Southward may give Notice to the said Residing Justice at any of the
said Offices within the respective Counties City or Borough for which
they are in the Commission of the Peace of his Name and place of
Abode and of his Intention to Act at the said Office And every
such Justice of the Peace having so given Notice of his name and
place of Abode and of his Intention to Act at the said
Office shall have Liberty to Attend and Act as a Magistrate
and Justice of the Peace in such Office and after the end
of one Calendar Month from the Establishment of the said Officers
being made and being notified in the London Gazette no Justice
shall be permitted to Act at any office till after one Calendar Month
from the time of giving the aforesaid Notice And the said residing
Justice shall from time to time cause the Name or Names of such
Justice or Justices so giving Notice as aforesaid together with the date
or dates of such Notice to be hung up in a Visible place in the said
office any every Residing Justice at the Offices in Bow Street
Broadway Oxford Street Clerkenwell Whitechapel Shadwell
and the Borough Divisions shall cause true Copies of such
Names and Dates as aforesaid to be delivered at every Quarter Sessions
to the Clerk of the Peace for the Country of Middlesex another to the
Clerk of the Peace for the City of Westminster and,
another to the
Borough of Southwark

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