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And be it further Enacted that all and every Forfeiture and
forfeitures, or Penalty and Penalties which shall be incurred, or
become payable for any Offence or Offences against this Act, or any
of the Provisions herein contained Save and Except all and every
Forfeiture or forfeitures to be paid by any Justice of the peace and all and every forfeiture and forfeitures herein otherwise directed to be recovered/
Penalties in this Act
recoverable by conviction
before the Justice of the
Division and the be paid in
three Days after they
come to the hands of the
Justice, to the Peace

shall be recoverable by Conviction before any one or more of his
Majestys Justices of the Peace acting within the said District of
the Metropolis in the respective Divisions where the offence may
happen to have been committed - And all and every such Forfeiture
or Forfeitures, Penalty or Penalties shall and may after Conviction
of the Offence as aforesaid be levied by Warrant under the Hand
and Seal, or hands and Seals of any of the said Justices, to be
directed to any Constable Headborough or other Person having the
Authority of a Constable by virtue of this Act - and the same
shall, when levied be paid to one of the Justices of the Peace
who signed the Warrant - and the Justice, so receiving the
said Money, shall within three Days, pay it, or cause it to be
paid into the Bank of England To the Use of the Peace Fund
and in Case of no sufficient Distress whereby to levy the Forfeitures
or Penalties, or any or either of them - It shall and may be
lawful to and for such Justices or Justice respectively before
whom the Offender or Offenders shall be convicted, Save and except
in such Cases where it is otherwise provided in this present Act/to
commit such Offender or Offenders to the Common Good or House of
Correction to hard Labour, for such time not exceeding three Months nor
less than one Week as such Justice or Justices in his or their discretion
shall think fit. And all and every Conviction whatsoever for any Offence
committed against this Act, and hereby directed to be had before one or
more Justices of the Peace shall be made before on of the Justices
of the Division at the Public Office of the Division, within which the
cause or subject matter of such Conviction arose or happened.

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