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Conviction to be
transmitted to the
Sessions Appeal
allowed but no

And be it further Enacted, that all and every Justice or
Justices before whom any Conviction shall be had relative to any
matter or thing contained in this Act, shall cause the same so
drawn up, in the form prescribed in the said Schedule, to be fairly
written on Parchment, and transmitted to the next General or
Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the City, County, or Borough, to be
filed and kept amongst the Records of the said General or quarter
Sessions. And in Case any person or Persons who shall hereafter
be convicted of any, or either of the Offences punishable by this
Act, shall conceive him or themselves aggrieved by such
Conviction, that then and in every such Case it shall and may be
lawful for such Person, or Persons respectively to appeal to any
General or quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden for the said
City County, or Borough within three Calendar Months next
after any such Conviction, given to the Justice or Justices
before whom such Conviction shall be, ten Days Notice at the
least of his, or their Intention to prefer such appeal and entering
into a Recognizance with sufficient Sureties to abide such Order
as the Court shall make - And on every such Appeal the
Justices in such General or Quarter Sessions or in any subsequent
General or Quarter Sessions for the said City County or Borough,
shall and may, and they are hereby Authorized to proceed to the
hearing and final Determination of the matter of the said Appeal,
and to make such Order therein and award such Costs to be paid
by, and to either party; as they in their discretion shall think fit;
which said Order shall be binding and conclusive upon all Parties;
and such appeal or the subject matter thereof, or any Order therein
shall not be removed by a Writ or Writs of Certiorari, or otherwise

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