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(1) Thames Police Bill A Bill

For To explain and amend an Act intituled
An Act to prevent the committing of Thefts
and Gravids by persons navigating Bum boats
and other Boats, upon the River of Thames.

Whereas notwithstanding the good and wholesome
laws enacted for the prevention of depredations
upon the River Thames , [+] [+] and in particular notwithstanding the Statute made and past in the second year of his Majesty's reign intituled An Act to prevent the committing of Thefts and Frauds by persons navigating Bumboats and other Boats upon the River of Thames, such practices
for want of divers provisions hereinafter following
still prevail in a very high and mischievous degree,
to the great loss of the Owners and Freighters
of Vessels, as well as to the diminution and injury
of his Majesty's Revenue

And whereas amongst other devices employed
by persons committing such depredations in
or by means of he such Boats as aforesaid it is
a common practice to stow sugars or other such
articles as they can make prey of in large quantities
on or about their persons [+] [+] (a device practiced with the greater security and ordinarily in as much which by reason that as such articles have no distinctive mark by which they may can be identified) and with that
intent to come provided with large and loose habiliments
specially adapted to that purpose and
moreover of at any time they apprehend themselves
in imminent danger of detection to throw overboard
such their prey for the purpose of preventing any
person from being able to give sufficient evidence
concerning the same.

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