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Thames Police Bill
§ 1

charge thereof need all such goods on the discovery whereof
might endanger the seizure of such boat might take the place
shall be thrown overboard [And whereas under
the law in being persons who in
various minds might be apparent in and to
such criminal distrust practices have not been sufficiently
marked out and described so as to be
included in the penalties
appointize annexed to for the same
And whereas, in the want of the of for the purpose of
a delinquent no need for a misdemeanour
committed against and contrary to
eluding and defeating the laws already made and provided for the
prevention of such depredations it has become as infrequent
a practice among the of stolen goods
goods so stolen or unlawfully taken to make to contribute and make a common
purse out of which in the event of the conviction
of any person for the above or other similar
offences the penalties and costs of such conviction
is defrayed and the offender thereby completely indemnified [which by reason of the smallness
of the penalty in such cases can always be
at a charge too trifling inconsiderable to be felt by any
of the individual such contribution among such <add> contributor </add>

And whereas [+][+] no sufficient provision hath as yet been against the several the persons respectively
in such practices and device as aforesaid [+] was sufficient [ have not
been sufficiently marked out and described by
any laws as yet in being in such manner as to

be included in any the penalties provided by the ]

For no remedy
For more of such practices
in time to ]
Be it further enacted

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