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Thames Police Bill

And whereas it is also a practice among
evil-disposed persons, being owners of Boats, to
let the same to hire for the express purpose of their being
employed in such depredations as afore
said, and, upon such occasions, in contemplation
and consideration of the risks to which
such practices stand already exposed under the
laws in being, to require and take from the
hirers of such boats an extraordinary price
and frequently for the better protection greater security of such
their boats against such risk to stipulate for
and procure our agreement that in case of need
all such goods as might endanger the seizure
and forfeiture of such boat shall be thrown over-

And whereas for the still more effectually chiding
and defeating the said existing laws it is moreover a
practice among the Receivers of goods obtained
by such depredations[+][+](the penalties provided by the said Act of his Majesty being very light and no other than pecuniary and hence light and inconsiderable) to combine together and
make a common purse out of which in the</lb> event of the conviction of any such contributor
the penalty and costs of such conviction are defrayed
and the offender thereby compleatly indemnified
and saved harmless

And whereas offenders, though detected, frequently
escape, by reason that the persons by whom they might
have been apprehended on the water can not for want
of legal powers, pursue and lay hold ofapprehend them on shore
and vice versa, or because some Officer by whom
one offender has been detected in one district, can not
for want of like powers pursue and apprehend him in another

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