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No my Guardian
Angel bestir
yourself sound
the trumpet
take one of your
best trumpets
and bid Panopticons
start up spread
themselves all over France

---page break---

Ce-joint vous recuvrez
dont il a question
sur la Panopticon,
a quelques
feuilles pres qui
en turdevent pas a

Along with this
you will receive
the promised book
on the Panopticon
a sheet or two
excepted which will
soon follow. What
M. de Segue [+] [+] if he perseveres
in his good intentions
do with so voluminous such a
a book I load of it is more
can not conceive: than I can imagine
he will do with it
just what he pleases.
He will
extract the quintessence.
I suppose and have
the caput mortuum
He would of course The first thing he would
naturally be for doing would be to
cut out every thing
that relates to the our
English Law which
he will find so
unmercifully pulled
to pieces — but unfortunately
that part
is nothing less than
what would
render that part
not so easy to be
spared is that among
the errors which
are there held up
to view are several
which I perceive the

---page break---

National Assembly
have fallen into
or are falling into
in their penal

A person here
in England who
having seen it in
my Brother hand
obtained his leave
to send the engraved
plans to the Comite
de Mendiciti

A fortnight ago
he spoke of their
being impatient
for the book, &
now t other day
has been renewing
his importunities
of this Res impatience
if real I
your activity
the most natural

future contingent

---page break---

Judging according
to reason, if your
sublime assembly
can stoop to listen
be governed by such to so humble a
vulgar considerations Minster, they
should not be
should not be disenchanted sorry at having
it in their power
to put the execution
of the invention
into the hands
of the inventor
to whom the task
of finding employment
for malefactors
has been
more or less under
consideration for
above these 14 years.

with all the
unction of Chinese
piety Immortal
Sole God of my
idolatry. Great
Grandfather of to
my children yet my little ones that
unborn are to be, grant
me this one boon.

---page break---

What sharpens redoubles
my eagerness
and puts all
other motives
under the table
is the consideration
that such
a thing presents offers
the most feasible
chance, or to
speak truly, the
only chance of
bringing me back laying me once
to you more at your feet and putting
me in a
train for contributing
my unto
towards the extension
and perpetuation
of the Helvetian dynasty.
Night and morning
I kiss the dear
map and say my
prayers to it begging the kind Sage
it offers to my view begging his the protection
and assistance
vowing promising
in case of success
to sacrifice a of editions
of the Bible to
pay him for his
trouble — shall
make upon thy

---page break---

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