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7 July 1798 Points for Mr Bunce

1. Enlarging the
Industry House
Plan by 1/34
do by 1/3

2. Contriving the
Kitchen, so as
for the Boilers &c to interrupt the
view as little as

In the middle of
the room in the
radial direction
thinning as a
copper cover'd
in summer, naked
in winter.

But if the Kitchen
is in the lowest
story, this will
scant all the upper
It must front the
North, the larder
may be taken out of it.

3. Contriving the
entrance, in that
the Prisoners may
have a distinct
entrance commanded
by the
Officers & Visitors
entrance: persons
in the latter no
being exposed to
assemble from
persons in the latter.

4. Means of introducing
bulky articles,
as far as
occasional apertures are concerned.
ex. gr
2. stand

2. be

---page break---

5. Means of
introducing bulky
and heavy
articles, as far as
Cranes or the
equivalent are

1. Bases above
strong enough to
support the engine

2. Could not one
crane serve for all
round? — by being
made moveable.

6. The Bed-Stages
would form dressers.

The vegetable
provisions &c in
radial lockers
on which the bed
might be set down.

8. Dimensions
and number of
Divisions and expense of a
Panopticon to hold
1/4 more than the
Industry Course?

Do of one to hold 1/3 more?

---page break---

In the Temporary
Panopt. as many
parts as may be
Windows in particular
must be
capable of being
transferred to the
Permanent Panopt.

Could not a little
greater elevation
be given to the Gallery
with reference
to the upper
short floor?

Great care must
be taken that the
Gallery be not
raised above the
being inspected
without effort:
sooner than this,
sink the lowest
whole floor a little
for the purpose of
bringing the Gallery
so much the lower,
the floor of the
Lodge remaining
on the same level.

The flooring
boards may be
unplaned, and
laid down loose,
which will save
time as well as

The Lodge floor
or windows to overhang
the Store-Room
floors a little
for the sake of inspection
and defence

---page break---

Greatest possible
number of persons
to feed — say 2200

Pints of
Soup at 1 1/2) 3300
pints per head)
Number This number of Gallons
412 1/2
Cubic Inches
in a Gallon — — X282

Cubic inches
in a Cubic
Foot ÷ 1728
Cubic Feet 67

A Cube whose
side is 4 feet
gives cubic feet 64

The space requisite
is therefore 4 feet
each and 3 cubic
feet over.

But for making
the Soup at this
(Poor Society IV Rep.
p.230) the content
of the vessel is half
as much again as
the quantity of the
Soup — is half
as much again as
the quantity of the
Soup. Add therefore
to the length
of this cube of 4
feet half such
another cube —
that makes in a
length 6 feet, by
4 feet in length
and do in depth
besides 4 1/2 cubic

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