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9 July 1798 Panopt.

The outside of
The Lamp
Chimneys will
serve for drying
things such
as Sweetmeats &c
Being covered so
as to form the
inside of a tube
the heat will
form a current
of air running
up the tube.

This will be particularly
in summer,
when the fruits
are ripe, and
the heat wanted
to be kept from
diffusing itself
through the House.

Each of the fires
in the divisions
might be made
to serve for drying
fruits & being
fed with air
merely by a tube
with air heated
at the entrance
being in an instanced

Into this tube the

the might
be inserted in
an wicker or coverd

Green Houses
might be employed
as Drying Houses
in Summer when
emptied of the

---page break---

Instead of Tethers,
Wooden Trunk Bolts, to
fasten in by a

Centinels walk
paved with loose
flints, to cut
the feet feet, in
case of the Boots
being got off.

Boundary to
Centinels Walk
Post and Heads,
high but slight
with vertical
laths, to form a
momentary obstacle

A Horses Bell
fixed somewhere
about the person,
to give warning of
his approach.
Tintinnabulation of
different notes.

Man traps and
Spring Guns, on
the outside?

---page break---

For glazing Brick
Walls, or Pisé
Walls, — inside or out.
1. Burning
Room for in
Struts in Guitars
2. An apparatus
of Lamps Arcpious Lamp. with a

For slanting roofs
Shavings double
or treble of the dimensions
of the Roof
Boiled at
1 In lime water
2. In Grim Vitriol
3. In Oil

To be fastened by
screws — the holes
previously drilled
before the boiling.

The Boilers vertical
The Shavings put ||
in at top

The inside planting
of the House to be
painted white with
the pigment of lime and
cheese curd
for which see Bibliotheque

of the
Translation in the Philosoph.
Magazine for
June 1898 No 1.

The Outside presided
over like
at Battersea.

Direction of the Boiler
not horizontal, because
of the difficulty
of making a steam-light
Cover of that
length — nor vertical
because of the great
pressure on the bottom
at that depth — but
inclined to an angle
(almost horizontal) opening
at one end.

---page break---

Take the Parish
Poor Children of St
& St Johns
into the Panopticon
in the Life-Assurance
Apprentice Plan.

So the Children of

Some on the annuity
payment plan
— some on the Capital
payment plan —
which better will
serve for the capital
for the part of the
Building thus employ'd.

So, Lunaticks
these in preference
as they pay so much

---page break---

The Terrases Houses of
Pisé glazed.

The Burners in
lines one above another
as close as
the thickness necessary
for the wick and
oil trough beneath
will admitt.

Behind them in correspondent
the bellows tubes.

The bellows double
A regular up and
down motion to be
given by wheel-work
to the extent
of the distance between
line and line.

Gooseberries — residue
after pressing for
wine or vinegar
may make Veriligrote
or White Lead
instead of grapes. See
Philosoph. Mag. No
June 1798. p.101.
as per Chaplits method.

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