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J.B.'s Steps

From East to West in parallelism
to the River, & at right
angle to Horseferry Road

From the end of the Workshop
on the left hand as you enter
the Fields from Horseferry Road
the New Plenty House being on
the right hand, to the dead
true at the nearest corner
(being the South side or left hand
corner) of the Five-Chimney
Poor House. . 504

From do to the ditch at the West
end of the same South side ..} 70

From thence to the Willow Road }
heading on the same line out of }
the Wash into the Gardeners Grounds } 80
Total length East & West 654

From North to South at right
angles to the River and in parallelism
to Horseferry Road

From the Road at the West end }
of Rochester Row to Shiltern-hole } 293

From thence to an intersection }
with the line drawn from the } 292
Dead true to the Willow Road }

From thence to the Ditch dividing bounding }
Tothill Fields from the 6 or 7
Acre meadow bounded by }
the Meadow at the back of Campbel
& White's Wharf Milbank }
at the West, and the Nursery }
Ground at the Eastward} 117

Hobart, the Field-Keeper, lives
at the Five Chiminies.

T Dimensions of the Meadow

From Ditch to Ditch along the } 139
River i:e: on the Milbank side from East to West }
on the Tothill Fields side } 99

From Do to Do in a direction}
perpendicular to the River i:e: }
from North to South. viz. from } 242
Tothill Fields to Milbank River
Wall — —)

---page break---

No of Families at the River
Fields Poor House according to
the Report of on of the Inhabitants 8

Cricket Grounds
in neighbourhood of London

1. Montpellier Gardens Walworth (new)
5 3/4 Acres 6

2 Lords, Mary Bone
But out of this is taken a Kitchen Garden
and the site of several Buildings

Sung by Edwin in.
'Ye Scamps, ye Pads, Ye Divers
"And all upon the Lay
'In Tothill Fields gay Sheep walks
"Like Lambs ye sport and play.

Dimensions of the Nursey Ground
joining the Meadow of communication

On the Tothill Fields side 40
On the River side 277 or 276
From the Fields to the ditch toward the River — } 242
as before by the Meadow }
of Communication }

From do to do by the Willow }
Road on the other side }

taking the breadth
at an medium between the 277 yds
and the 40 yds Square feet 133,100
Three Acres more in Sq. Feet 130,680

Per Malone at Metcalfes
13 Sept. 1796

There is a Histy of St Margaret's
Parish by Bp Kennet which
is quoted by Thos Baker the Antinquary,
where are supposed to
be in the Museum also
Kennet's above Histy Enquire of
do Ayscough

---page break---

In Inclosures, the
Lord's share, as such
is usually bit 1/16
or 1/15. by Lowndes

Herald 28 Sept. 1796
Clerkenwell Sessions
Bristow v City of London
Chop House St Clements
Goodwill claimed £1500
Annual Receipt proved £34000
Profit 400
Goodwill given by } 535
Verdict — — }

Broken Ground
Print from Walmsly
of Nanty Billan in
Wales 18 Ludgate Hill

1 1/2 a Bushel Bark
sold for to the Gardeners
in the Tanners in
Tothill Fields —
Sold also to Bakers
for heating their ovens

Stage on which at the Abby
for access to the high
parts — seemingly
from 20 to 25 foot
high or more.
Quere to be borrowed
or hired for taking
views within Fields?

Green Arches?
having a great effect
on the passages to
the in Little
Smith Street

Saty Oct. 15 1796
Per Lowndes. The City
had an acknowledgment
of £1000 a
year from the Braunston
Canal for breaking
the Bank.

Per do
Ld Salisbury's
Estates (all?) are
in the hands of Trustees —
for Sale — Mr
Estcourt the man.

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