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Articles of Agreement Indented had made concluded
and agreed upon this Day of in the 36th 40th Amendment 40th Year of the Reign
of our Sovereign Lord George the 3rd by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and
Ireland King Defender of the faith and so forth, and in the Year of our Lord one
thousand seven eight eight/ /hundred and ninety six. Between the Right Honorable the
Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury of the one part and
Jeremy Bentham of Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middlesex Esquire
of the other part.

N. B. The present copy, being taken from a copy in some places incorrect, has been corrected by the printed copy, printed in the Appendix to the 28th Report of the Committee on Finance dated 28th June 1798. But, the printed copy being also in some few particulars incorrect, the requisite corrections are subjoined in the Margin of this Paper in Red Ink, with the word "Correction" to point them out. By the word "Amendment" is indicated the substitutions, insertions and omissions, expressive of such recent variations from the original agreement as have either been proposed or approved of on the part of the Lords Commissioners.

Whereas in and by an Act of Parliament made and passed
on the seventh Day of July in the Year of our Lord 1794 and in the 34th Year of
His Majesty's Reign entitled "An Act for erecting a Penitentiary House or Houses
"for confining and employing Convicts" — It was enacted (among other things) that the
Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being should as soon as conveniently
might be fix upon a certain piece or pieces of Ground therein described or upon any
other convenient ly proper Spot of Ground which might be lawfully purchased under
the powers of the said Act and to be Situate as therein is mentioned, upon which should
be erected one or more Penitentiary House or Houses for the purpose of confining and
employing in Hard Labour such Convicts as should be removed thither by order of
His Majesty his heirs or Successors, under the powers therein mentioned; and should
and might Contract and agree with any Person or Persons for the erecting and
building one or more Penitentiary House or Houses upon the Ground to be appropriated
for that purpose in such manner and under and for such considerations
should deem necessary and expedient, and should cause to be inserted in such
Contract or Contracts such lawful Clauses Covenants and Agreements as should
be requisite to enforce the execution of the same accordingly, and within a time to be
limited; and might also if such Commissioners should think fit to appoint a
proper Person or Persons to superintend the erection of such House or Houses and
the due performance of such Contract or Contracts as should be entered into touching
the same with such power Correction powers as the said Commissioners should judge proper, And
the said Commissioners should also appoint a Feoffee or Feoffees to treat for the
absolute purchase of Fee simple and to accept a Conveyance of such Piece or Pieces
of Ground whereon the said Penitentiary House or Houses should be intended to be
built and from time to time to Correction should appoint others in the stead of those who should die or
resign, And that when such piece or pieces of Ground should be fixed upon and
approved of by the said Commissioners and such Feoffee or Feoffees should be
appointed, the Inheritance in Fee simple of such Piece or Pieces of Ground should be vested

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