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vested in and conveyed to and to the use of such Feofee or Feofees and his or
their successors for ever, who was and were thereby made and declared to be a Corporation
Sole or aggregate (as the case might happen) for the Special purpose of being
capable to take and hold in perpetual Succession such Piece or Pieces of Ground
with all buildings and erections thereon for the uses and purposes of the said Act —
And it was further Enacted that when such Penitentiary House or Houses
should be erected in pursuance of according to such Contract or Contracts, or
sooner if occasion should require, it should and might be lawful for His Majesty
his heirs & Successors from time to time by an order in writing to be notified by
the principal Secretary of State for the Home Department to appoint one or
more fit and discreet Person or Persons to be Governor or Governors of the said
Penitentiary House or Houses to continue in such Office or Offices respectively
for such time and under such conditions as his Majesty should direct who being
appointed thereunto should have the Care Management Superintendance and
Controul of the same and of all and every Offender and Offenders who should be
delivered into his or her Custody by the direction of His Majesty his Heirs or
Successors under such Powers Directions Limitations and restrictions as are
therein mentioned or referred unto As by the said Act of Parliament (recourse
being thereunto had) may now fully appear —

In lieu of the cancelled
lines insert from the annexed
paper of proposed
amendments Clause A

And Whereas the said Lords Commissioners have accordingly fixed
upon a certain Piece or parcel of Ground for the purposes of the said Act
situate and being in the Parish of in the County of
containing Acres or thereabouts and late in possession or occupation
of And by an Instrument in writing
bearing equal Date with these presents the said Lords Commissioners have
appointed the said Jeremy Bentham party hereto the Sole Feofee for the
purpose of purchasing and taking a Conveyance of the said Piece or Parcel of
Ground pursuant to the directions of the said Act. And Whereas the
said Jeremy Bentham has proposed at his own expence, but upon such terms
and conditions, and for such considerations, as are hereinafter mentioned, to erect and
build a Penitentiary House on the said Piece or Parcel of Ground or some part
thereof and to adapt the same for the purpose of the said Act in such manner as adopt
herein after is mentioned.

And the said Lords Commissioners are consenting
and desirous to enter into a Contract with the said Jeremy Bentham respecting
such intended Penitentiary House, and for that purpose the several Articles Clauses
Conditions provisses and terms of agreement hereinafter expressed inserted and
contained have been prepared and approved of and are agreed to be entered
into performed and executed by and on the respective parts and behalfs of

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