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or persons it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Lords Commissioners
and their Successors to nominate accordingly if and when and so often as they shall
think it necessary or expedient so to do Provided nevertheless that if the said
Jeremy Bentham his Heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns shall be dissatisfied
with the opinion of such Person or Persons so to be nominated by the said Lords Commissioners
or their Successors for the purposes aforesaid and shall desire that such
difference of Opinion may be adjusted by referees the same shall be adjusted by two
persons one to be named by the said Lords Commissioners or their Successors and
the other by the said Jeremy Bentham his Heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns
and in case such Referees Shall differ, they shall appoint an umpire and the
decision of such Referees if they shall agree in opinion or of such Umpire if
appointed shall be final.

Article 2d

The said sum of £31,000 shall be paid to the said Jeremy Bentham Blank
his Executors Administrators or Assigns at three several Installments (that is to
say) £ 12,000 part thereof immediately upon the execution of these presents — 12,000 Blank - Blank
other part thereof on the Expiration of three Calendar Months next after the Date
hereof and the remaining Sum of £7,000 so soon as the said Penitentiary House Blank
and Buildings shall be in readiness for the reception of the said number of 1000 Amendment

Convicts or Prisoners, to the Satisfaction of the said Lords Commissioners or their
Successors, or of such Person or Persons as they may have thought proper to appoint
for the purpose of Superintending the same; Three Weeks notice at the least having
been given of the such readiness to the said Lords Commissioners or their Successors
on the part of the said Jeremy Bentham his Executors Administrators or Assigns
and such payments shall be respectively made, clear of all deductions together with
Interest for and upon the same several Sums at the rate of five per Cent per
Annum for every such Day (if any) as the same shall have continued respectively
in Arrear or unpaid.

Article 3rd

And in as much as it may happen that at or after the time when the said
Jeremy Bentham shall be in readiness to receive such number of 1000 Convicts Amendment

or Prisoners as aforesaid, there may be more than 1000 Convicts or prisoners which Amendment

under the powers of the said Act might be committed to his charge, It is
therefore hereby also agreed that he the said Jeremy Bentham and his Successors
in the Office of Governor to be appointed as hereinafter expressed shall receive
every such Supernumerary Convict or Prisoner as may be committed to his or their
Custody on the same terms of £12 a Year as is hereby agreed to be paid for each Amendment
Say rather
Thereinafter viz Article 4

of the abovementioned original number of 1000 Convicts or Prisoners, With the Amendment

addition of only £18 for each such Supernumerary Convict or Prisoner payable
the half thereof on the reception of every such Supernumerary and the other
half on the expiration of 12 Calr Months then next following clear of all deductions
with Interest in case of Arrear as above is mentioned which said addition
of £18 for every such Supernumerary shall be in Lieu of all expences incident to Blank

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