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provided under whose Care a sufficient Quantity of all proper Medicines shall
be Kept in hand and ready to be administered upon every necessary occasion.

Article 13th.

A sufficient number of competent School Masters shall also in like manner
be provided and Kept, by whom Instruction shall be administered on every Sunday
at the least, during the Intervals of Meals and Divine Service, in reading writing
and Arithmetic, to as many of such Convicts or Prisoners as shall be found to
stand in need thereof.

Article 14th.

Each of the said Convicts of the said Convicts or Prisoners shall be allowed a
Share of his earnings to the amount of not less than one fourth part of the fair
value thereof.

Article 15th.

A Portion of such Share or allowance (but unless with with the Prisoners
Consent not exceeding the half thereof) shall be retained by the said Jeremy [+] Commencement

{Bentham and his said Successors [+] [+] respectively as the
consideration Money for
an adequate Superannuation
Annuity [to be granted
{by the said Jeremy Bentham
{and his said Successors
immediately upon the Certificate expiration of such
{Prisoner's Confinement to and for the benefit of each such Prisoners respectively]
N B the words in Brackets
were inserted at a date subsequent
to that of the Atty Genls opinion
subjoined to this Draught having
been settled by Mr White
and approved and inserted by
him as sufficient to supply
the deficiency pointed out in
the said opinion

upon the principle of the Annuities granted by the Societies called Friendly
Societies for the Life of such Prisoner the Commencement amount and conditions
of such Annuities to be determined by two Referees the one on the
part of His Majesty His Heirs or Successors to be named by the said Lords
Commissioners or their Successors and the other by the said Jeremy
Bentham or his said intended Successors with power for such Referees
to appoint an Umpire in case of their Disagreement.

Article 16th.

In Case any of such Convicts or Prisoners shall be suffered to escape
from the Custody or charge of the said Jeremy Bentham or his said
intended Successors he or they shall respectively be made Debtors to Government
in their Quarterly Account to the amount of £50 for or in respect
of every such Convict or Prisoner as shall so escape (irresistible Violence
from without only excepted) Provided nevertheless that he the said
Jeremy Bentham and his Successors shall be made Creditors to the like amount
for every such Convict or Prisoner who shall have so escaped and may be retaken
at his or their Costs within the Term of 6 Calendar Months next after every
such escape.

Article 17th.

The Life of every such Convict or Prisoner as aforesaid shall be insured
by the said Jeremy Bentham or his Successors (Governor or Governors as aforesaid)
at the rate of £100 for each Convict or Prisoner for an in
Consideration of a proportionable premium to be paid by the said Lords
Commissioners and their Successors as followeth (that is to say) a Computation
shall; be formed of the number of Deaths that may reasonably
be expected to take place among such Convicts or Prisoners in the course
of each Year and out of the said original number of 1000 Prisoners living
at the commencement of each Year (taking for the Standard or Date

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