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or by himself or themselves in Person if thereto ordered or required by the said Court
then and there as well as on any other Day or Days on Summons from the Court or
in Vacation Time from any Judge thereof full true and perfect Answer make upon
Oath (if required) to all such questions as shall be put to him or them in relation to
the said Establishment or the state management and Conducting thereof
not only on the part of the said Court or any Officer of the Crown but by leave of
the said Court or any one Judge thereof on the part of any other Person or Persons
whatsoever, and shall also at any time severally and respectively surrender his or
their said Offices if thereto ordered by the said Court according to the order thereupon
to be made by the said Court on proof duly obtained as above or otherwise of
Misbehaviour in the execution of the said Office.

Article 21st

After the Decease of the Survivor of them the said Jeremy Bentham and
Samuel Bentham an Estimate shall be made [+] of the said Penitentiary House to be Correction or Amendment Insert
[+] ^ of the value

erected on the said Piece or Parcel of Ground as aforesaid and ^ all and every the ^ Correction
^ of
^ as also

erections and Buildings then standing thereon and of the Stock and other Effects
occupied and used with the same such Estimate to be made by two Persons one to
be appointed by the Lord High Treasurer or Lords Commissioners of the Treasury
for the time being and the other by the Representative or Representatives of the
Survivor of them the said Jeremy Bentham and Samuel Bentham. And in Case
such Referees shall differ in opinion, they shall appoint an Umpire whose
decision shall be final and out of the Sum to be estimated as the Value of such
Buildings and Effects as aforesaid shall be deducted the Sum of £19000 Blank
being the Part of the Said Sum of £31,000 to be advanced by the Public as
aforesaid after allowing the Sum of £12,000 for the maintenance of Blank
1000 Convicts for one year as aforesaid

And the Sum which shall be settled as the Value of such Buildings and
Effects as aforesaid after deducting such Sum of £19,000 as aforesaid Blank
shall be paid by the Lord High Treasurer or Lords Commissioners to
the Representative or Representatives of the said Jeremy Bentham and
Samuel Bentham with Interest after the Rate of 5 prCent pr Annum
from the Death of the Survivor and such Representative or Representatives
shall be authorized to Act as Governor or Governors of such Penitentiary
House with such powers as aforesaid and shall continue to confine and
employ all the Convicts or Prisoners remaining in or about the said
Penitentiary House and Buildings at the time of the Decease of such
Survivor as aforesaid or which shall be sent thereto upon the same
terms and conditions as the said Jeremy Bentham is hereby bound to
confine and employ such Convicts or Prisoners untill His Majesty His ^ untill
Heirs or Successors shall be able to make other Provision for the management

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