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Clause B
Supplemental Article

Article And Whereas it was originally intended
that the said Penitentiary House should be erected
on a certain spot at Battersea Rise extending 79 Acres
and one Rood, as in the said Act of the 34th Year of his Majesty's Reign is mentioned and that the number of Convicts
for which accommodation should be prov
which such Penitentiary House should be calculated
to accommodate in the first instance should be one
thousand and no more And Whereas the quantity
of ground now intended to be provided for the said now intended number of number of two thousand
Prisoners which (being the number at present in
which the now intended Penitentiary House is now
to be calculated to accommodate in the first instance

will, if in case the Piece of ground so to be purchased shall
eventually be composed as intended of the said Lots A B &
C, & D contain in the whole about 96 112 Acres clear
of Roads, Now therefore it is hereby further agreed
that in case the said Lot C shall not be
the proposed purchase of the said Lot C shall
not take place, in which case but the said Lot D
shall be purchased in lieu thereof [+] [+] making together
with the said Lots
A & B the reduced quantity
of 77 Acres or
thereabouts instead
of the said quantity
of 96 112 Acres
whereby the said
intended quantity of 96 112 Acres or thereabouts will be reduced to
77 Acres of thereabouts, that then and in such case
whereby the quantity of ground which will be allotted to the said
Penitentiary House and of which as such the said
Jeremy Bentham will have the use and benefit will
be reduced by the amount of 19 Acres or thereabouts

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