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Schedule B continued

Cow keeping

Compensation claimed by, and supposed to be due to, six
persons, dealers in Milk, to whom the said J. Unthank
is under Contract to supply them with Milk at the has been several years in the habit of supplying Milk at a
rate of fixed price on a verbal Contract fixed price on a day in the whole to the 29th of verbal contract
Sept.r next, renewed each year at Michaelmas on the 29th of Sept.r and who by losing the benefit of such Contract
on the said 25th of this instant March will be
with their respective families deprived of this their only means of subsistence £ the for half
a year to come next ensuing.

To each Contractor £.s.d Number of Contractors
Name of the Milk Dealers. Sums claimed by them
1. Evan Morrin, £ s.. d.
2. ——— Martomin.
3 Mary ——May Williams
4. —— Mulvay.
5. Thomas Scot
6 —— Fry. ————
Total £. s. d.

Rent of the two pieces of Meadow Ground (parcel of the same Estate) holden at will of Mr John Donne
Now Lessee Occupier of the Nursery Ground and Lessee thereof together
with divers other Tenements parcel of the same Estate
Quality of ground rough according to the Treasury Plan

No 27 A. 6 R. 0. P. 10
No 28 5: 0: 38
11: 1: 8

Rent per Year annum — — £50: 0: 0

Rent of for the half year ending on the said
25 March charged for the reason above mentioned £25: s0: d0
Land Tax — — — —— — — 0: 0: 0
Poor's Rate — — — — —
Rector's Rate — — — — —

Measuring the 6 Acres thereof at £ per acre
Loss by the
The Erections belonging to the Cow-keeping Establishment
consist of one Stable,
in ca
Computed Loss upon the same, if removed
Or if left to stand, the said J. Unthank is
willing to accept for the same — — — 100. 0. 0

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