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Punishment & Restraint - Warburton

are if they at all approach to one another very difficult to distinguish, and very easy to confound. The Bishop speaks of "different degrees of pain", as being either species of so many restraints +.11 p. 305. or so many things of which restraints are species "These different degrees of "Pain",...says he , "are all equally more Restraints!! He speaks of other "degrees of pain" as being so many punishments.or else so many things of which punishments are species But now extend there pains" .... says he, "they are all Punishments"+ p. 305 In the course of these saying theseobservations, he gives us a by way of example a list of four pains which from their proportion to the evils they are employ'd to combat and the purpose, they are respectively applied to y are restraints and not punishments: he then gives us another a list of four pains which besides being restraints are punishments. In short if I understand him that right a pain that "is no more than what is just necessary to repel"just enough to supportthe "evil" it is employ'd to combat is a restraint. A pain that is "more than enough is necessary to repel to support the "evil it is employ'd to combat is a punishment. Restraints then as well as Punishment is a species of Pain.

'This to my apprehension is what owing to from the causes for the above stated, makes confusion. To remedy it, I would propose that instead of restraint we should use act of restraint; and instead of punishment, actof punishment. We shall then be in a better condition of trying the accuracy of these distinctions.

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