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Punishment 𝓧 Restraint – Warburton

distinctions by examining the use that is made of

An act of restraint then is according to his Lordship any act whereby
pain is inflicted but "no more than what is just necessary
"to reflect the evil it is employ'd to combat.

An act of punishment is according to his Lordship any act whereby
pain is inflicted "more than what is just necessary
"to repel the evil" it is employ'd to combat

Here however I find myself under another embarassment:
for the word evil is by his Lordship the Bishop used in a sense two senses which to his Lordship seems both
both of them accurate and as well as familiar: but of which to me one at
least seems inaccurate, and both together disparate
to & in
consistent disparate to and inconsistent with each other.

Of evils he makes two opposite sorts which two sorts are mentioned as distinct & opposite.: mischief and
crimes. Any A mischief is, with him, a new "an
evil that proceeds not from the will". A crime
is "an evil that does proceed from the will".

If this is be too accurate, it will be true to say
in case of our meeting with any evil that does
notproceed from the will that it is not a
mischief. If then I let you a man were to give his Lordship give you a blow voluntarily that
is in such manner that the pain you his Lordship felt in consequence of man's giving you him the blow pain his Lordship in consequence of many beating your the man's giving you him the blow
proceedinged from you –any the man's will, such pain is
not a mischief. Such a position, I imagine, is
more than you his Lordship would be willing to allow.

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