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Punishment 𝓧 Restraint – Warburton

In this there seems I must confess something that savours
of impropriety and begets confusion. The cause of error of it
I take to be this. there be any seems to lie in this.

The objects to which His Lordship has given the same name of evil
are mischief and crimes mischiefs then and crimes
he makes to many species
of evils. This with
submission, is what they
cannot be: for there is
not any thing genus,
entity excepted, of which
they are both species.
For A mischief in any sense
in which the word has a
meaning by itself or is either
pain or the absence less chance
of pleasurespain, or of a
loss of pleasure, or a chance
of a loss of pleasure. Pains
and Pleasures are sensations.
however Mischiefs are sensations to speak accurately.
Crimes on the other hand are acts. But sensations and acts
are objects that have no common genus other than
the universal genus of all real objects. Entity
excepted, there is not any thing that a wis sensation
is, and that an act is too! Now with regard to a mischief
if not perfectly synonymous to evil, may for aught I
know be a species of evil. But a crime being an
act is not any species of evil. Crimes it is true
are many of them productive of evil: but it is not this that makes
a crime itself an evil. True it is that a crime may be often spoken of as an evil in the inaccuracy
of popular discourse: a crime may be
often spoken of as an evil:
as in all cases, the
cause is oft to be confounded with the effect. But
this can hardly I think be sufficient authority to
warrant the defining a crime to be an evil, in
a formal logical discourse argument, the proposed object of which is
to correct the errors that are alleged to have arisen
from an abuse from improprieties in the use of language.

On In From These distinctions such as they are his Lordship
found derives some very important inferences
with regard to practice. Such evils as he calls mischiefs
he thinks it right to combat with as much
pain as is necessary to repel them. Such evils as

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