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much mischief may be the consequence of confounding
them. From their having been confounded in
the manner in which, withsubscription, it appears
to me they have been confounded by his Lordship, , the following mischief
might arise. A hostile or uncandid
enemy to his Lordship adversary, I might in from the
purposes above observed upon, find not usthe implausible
pretence for charging him with odious opinions
, which if interrogated, he would probably,
and that very sincerely disavow. A glad admirer
of his Lordship might on his Lordships
authority set about proclaiming to the world,
that in all cases of crimes, it might be right
if any one were so despised, to annex to them
in the way of punishment more pain than could be
of any use. This would be giving allowing full sway to
Tyrants of all denominations, Lay or Ecclesiastic,
acting from no other than vindictive views.

The chief cause of these confusions this confusion seems to be there:
the not considering that the same quantity of pain ought to have the same weight
given it as the scale of utility in what way
so ever it is produced, and by what name so ever it
may be called: whether the good it is proposed to
compel by means of an [art?] producing it pain, result
immediately from the pain itself, or only from
some other effect of the same act.

descending if off directly or not only collectively

If the pain produced by a misdemeanour is less than what the least degree of pain which is produced by law promises

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