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Punishment & Restraint —Warburton

to be restraint to present the former, it is not
the misdemeanour being Warburton or any thing
that can justify warrant the not exploring to the latter it: if
greater, it is not his
consideration of that the presentation
of the misdemeanour is produced in an another
way than from the pain suffering of the other, that
can warrant the exploring it.

In every instance, either the whole pain resulting from the
Law, being the least that
promises to be sufficient
, or the whole pain resulting from the
the law is levelled at appears to be is the greater. In the
first case it is not anything can justify the
the unintentionality of a part of the pain
arisingresulting from the Law, not anything else that can justify the exploring
it: the [law] as a whole in the other case it is not the involuntariness
of the act, nor anything else that can justify the not exploring it.

To bring this home to practise. The Law his
Lordship was examining and defending was a
Law excluding Church Difficulties from State Offices.
The pain resulting from the act the law was
levelled at was the which Church Dipentere might
(it was <unclear>respond)<unclear>produce (to conform to common
speech) <del>)

we will say) the mischief they might do
over and above what Churchmen could probably might do,if
admitted to those offices. The pain resulting from
the Law was the pain which such difficulties
and persons sympathising with them might (it was

supposed) ful at the thoughts of them being for every...

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