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Punishment&the srant Warburton
—barred from the chance of enjoying these offices this
andsome [distinct but]remark and by cons pruins
inconveniences there may probably of the both rides,
which of any such there be to word embarasment
I shall not mention. which of these mischief
then was probably the
least was the question before
his Lordship.

hisTo his Lordship,instead of that
mischiefwill ofthe law instead resulting from the law appear'd, I presume,to be the least:
since he upon the whole he has proffered his ape probation
of it the law and defended it. Instead of however of
confining himself to the proving
of this point

the course he has taken to defend it the law has been to
contend that the pain produced by the Law ought
not to be taken into the account: and this because
according to him it came under such a novel
and not under such another name; under or the name of restraint:
not under the name of punishment. I go prove the last position, which, if what the ground of
have been placing the controversy upon be the
true one, is nothing proven to the purpose, his Lordship
has sun into a number of what to me at least
some very extraordinary positions. That the banishing
of a man from a frontier place, can never be
is not
a punishment if a the man is a drinker. That
the boredom excluding him from all offices of
Magistracy, can never be is not a punishment; if he
is an ibrabaptest: that the not to beatingcrashing him from
all protection of the can never be a punishment
if he is a Papist: what his Lordship means by not tolerating him a Papist, I cannot
that the banishing him
can never be is not a punishment, if he is an Athethist. Alliance p.304,305.

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