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Ready for review. Submitted by M Hersey

Click Here To Edit Punishment & restraint —Warburton

not pretend to say. It may be puing him, comprising
time banishing have only him, burning him or, in short doing what I
should call punishing him in any manner.
In the next page his Lordship gives us another list
of things which he says are punishments to a
man: desiring him to not tolerating him alsoif he
is be a drinker;ask dengins him the probation of the
Law, whenif he is an Anabaptist: banishing him
whoif he is a Papist: and burning him
if he is a Atheist. II Here we may observe his Lordship
reckons. banishment and denial of Protection
and banishment as distinct punishments. In a former part of the
book he seems to represent them as one and the same.

They are in fact as we shall see perfectly distinct punishments; and perfect one

is upon the whole much the greater: so that the Anabaptist
upon this plan of punishment would come off worse than the
Papist, and the series which his Lordship wouldintended for a change out of order.

It is observable that in those two bits the one of four
things that according to his Lordship, an not punishments, the other four things, that


All these positions, to my apprehension I must own
seem far from being just: and if they were, I do not
see what would follow from them.

This much for punishment in general, and
the several objects it may require to be distinguished
from: we now come to the several examine into the particular modes of punishment:
the several manner kind of is which it is a possible
to produce it: the several shapes and defences in
which it may be made to show itself.

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