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On the other hand the case of this word is not
confined to the case in which the object designated
by it is the result of an out performed resulting
from the will of a being: A A case
A more enlarged sense in which the use of it is at
least as frequent as in that limited sense is that
in which when it is employed to designate the object of
itself without regard or reference had to the cause
by which it has been produced.

In this case besides being too broad in one
direction too broad the impact if it is less narrow in another. It is synonymous to and not more than
co-extensive with : it fails of excluding including
that modification of evil which is of of the purely
negative cast, consisting of the absence, certain or
more or less probable, of this pleasure: of this or that
modification of pleasure

But punishment the result of an act
of punition is incapable of being constituted of this
negative sort of evil as of the punitive sort.
Take for example the case of pecuniary punishment.
If by order of a Judge a sum of money which
otherwise would have come found its way into the pocket of a delinquent
is prevented from so ding, in this case
if so it be that it is known to the delinquent that
but for this order the money would have come into his
pocket, as what is natural enough is that if by this act of
the Judge this act of punishment for example, is sensation of regret or disappointment is produced; which sensation if produced, is a pain
of mind, and as such so much positive evil. But whether the above fact be known to the delinquent is as if money be of any use towards in the procurement of pleasure in any shape, the
of it is an evil, and this evil is of the negative cast, as above described.

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