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3. A third use is — that in each instance,
in comparing with the end which he has in view contemplation
the means which it occurrs to him to employ for the
attainment of it, which the legislator the view he takes of the such proposed may
be sufficiently clear correct and compleat to enable him to
form a true correct judgement of the mode and
to be really conductive to the attainment of the end.

4. A further use is — that he may be on his guard
against that sort of artifice rhetorical instrument of delusion which operates
by substituting to the proper name of the object or result
in question according to the purpose in view the name of some other object or result
which is the name of which is either more or less f
or more popular than that of the proper one.

5. A fifth one is — that which ins pursuit of this
or that one of these end objects in the character of an end
he employs such or such arrangements as to his
conception present themselves in the character of means
conducive to that end, he may be compl correctly
and compleatly aware of any tendency which such
means may have to be conducive subservient to or obstructive
with reference to any other of these same objects.

The example that when prohibition and
prevents us
where the result he may intended, be execution and from and instead of it
involving one it to become may not be the actual result:
and viva voce that where prevention and thence are

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