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2 March 1811

7. b. Between compulsion (otherwise called restraint) Between
compulsion and punishment, the relation is of this sort.

In the case of compulsion as in the case of restraint
the act in question – is the act which is regarded in the cause to officiate
of the evil the privation of which is the result which the act of punishment has for its ultimate object is the ultimate object of the
act of punishment.

Robust restraint is in the case where the act in question if of
the positive cast, compulsion in the case where
the act is of the negative cast.

Suppose an act of the positive cast commanded
by any law
the sort of act which by the law
in question has been commanded. The non-performance
of this act on the part of the person in
question at within the time and place in question is
then and in the case the offence in consideration of
which the act of punishment in apprehended a performance of which is of the
part of this law is performed. in so far
or by
Here then we have an a negative offence and an offender
by which this offence has been committed: If in
consequence and a punishme
on the part of a Judge an act of punishment,
and on the part of the offender a punishment
which is the result – How immediately but not
on the part of the Judge, the ultimately intentional result of that act. If by
the experience of this punishment the so it be that
on some succeeding occasion to avoid the repetition
continuance or repetition of this same punishment
the offender is induced to perform an act of
the sort of that for the non-performance of which
he was thus punished, compulsion is the result with reference to the same act is the result parder
the ultimately intentional result produced by the act of
punishment on the part of this same offender.

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