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This much On the other hand the mass of cases, if
not more multitudinous is still more disastrous,
in which what that which wears the face of a tax is in
effect, and perhaps to the extent of the greater part
of its influence, a prohibition.

In the case where the article taxed, the article
taken for the source of the tax is a real entity
a material thing for instance a merchantable commodity
legislators and public men are neither altogether
nor are altogether silent on this head, though
even in this case it is wonderful to seemight exst wonder to observe to what
an extent the substitution of prohibition to taxation
fails of being perceived.

In the case where the article taxed is that
ostentatiously openly worshipped and secretly continuied and
trampled upon out fictitious entity called justice, if
eyes be open to aff the effect substituion change the lips are but the more
universally and pertinaciously closed upon against it. Why is it that in England
justice being sold to one tenth of the whole community,
is under pretence of taxation denied to the silver mine?
Because the abuse is against all chance of remedy
by a conspiracy between to men in power in all offices the most officious
and the opulent of men of opulence in all classes. The men of fine In
so far as it operates in its professed thecharacter of a tax
the men of finance even as such finds his account in it advantage from it, in the ease
with which it is levied: the ease, increasing his own ease
of the great body of people not being so long as the
cause from whence their uneasiness causes remains unperceived by them, not being worth a thought.

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