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In relation to the all these several results or concomitants
of punishment, an observation useful to be borne
in mind and that may operate as a preservative against
Coercion forms and in every modifications
of those forms being in itself an evil and
much error, that is – that it is but in for very few if any
when taken by itself an evil, is as capable of being of those instances that be form the useless name by
employed in the pleasures of of being which the object is here designated any true judgment
at in the character of an end can be formed on the any such question a whether and how far the
object is a fit object of pursuit or aim in the character
of an end.

Considered in itself and taken by itself, coercion
the object designated by coercion – the nomen genuicum general specimen
it must be remembered in all its forms an evil,
and it is only and because and in so far as coercion
is an evil that liberty – meaning in that sense in
which it is the word is designation of the absence of coercion is a good.

In the fire of London (the most destructive perhaps
of which history makes mentioned), the number of houses
destroyed was upward of 13,000. Suppose it this calamity to have
been – what the recorded calamity calumnious record an mendacious
declares it to have been – the work of
design, and that the design of a in the execution of
that design no more than a single hand one had and no more than one hand employed,
evil work have even that which is the inseparable result of coercion would have been produced by
the any arm by which that destructive hand should have
been staid. This evil would have consisted in the form of disappointment would is have been the
matter of which that evil would have been composed: and
of this pain of this evil pain of disappointment, when taken by itself the magnitude
would not be in the smallest degree lessened by the magnitude
of the evil which at the expence of this pain of disappointment was by the supposition

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