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If coercion were generally speaking a real evil; so would
law be: such law alone excepted by which coercive law is
either done many or modified.

Being thus – in all the forms – an evil, coercion In proportion as coercion is applied, liberty is taken
away away: for liberty in the sense here in question, liberty is neither
in to all the forms – or capable of being employed in
the its of a means as in the character of an end
more nor less than the absence of coercion, &(a) (a) Note in A. Smith and Price.

Restraint and constraint – which these two terms
are employed – terms expressive of the two species which
are the immediate result of the first division of the divisions to which the genus
coercion is capable of being subjected – of these two
it may be said that the objects respectively indicated
by them are so many pure evils. Why? – because
the primary and immediate object law of the operation
in question is the only object which by any one of them
those terms viz coercion – restraint – constraint – are is brought
to view.

But when by means of ulterior division, other
terms characterized designated by such denominations as the above
are brought out, then it is that ulterior effects being
presented to view – and then only, that coercion, and
with it and in it constraint and restraint and constraint, being on
condition of being understood to include in the import
of it those ulterior good effect may be with
propriety be understood to be a good, and as such to
constitute a fit and one end or object to the attainment
of which punishment in the character of indispensable
means may properly and self properly and usefully and fitly be directed.

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