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3 March 1811

To service rendered, the torture ceases. But
service not rendered, the torture continues: if since
not in power, thus comes the horror and the injustice
to but I suppose the severer in them had a punishment much
much more application.

7. In the case of torture, the subject is rewarded.
Upon the face of it torture, considered as a mode and
means of compulsion presents nothing but what is intolerable,
in every point of view unjustifiable.

But in this case no less than in those opposite
ones of cases of any such supposition were entertained as that form the name of the thing. On it evenor even from its
independently of the occasion on which it is employed
any accurate judgment could be formed of its fitness
to be employed as a means, or therefore of the fitness
of the any result obtained by it, when obtained by which means
misconception and error would be the consequence.

Applied in the manner that gives to it the appellation
of torture, compulsion has for its object the obtaining
at a particular point in time for the use of the public
a certain species of service (positive service), information
for example as is commonly the case, information concerning
some point which concerning it is for the benefit of the public
that the person under whose direction the compulsion
is applied, should be informed. If in requisitions
the information demanded is withholden, then it is that
the offence consisting in the non-sod non-rendering of
this species of service is committed: so long as this information
continues to be withholden, so long theact of delinquency
continues. If and for thereupon the punishment the torture allotted to the purpose of preventing the continuance of this offence
per for the purpose of producing pro tanto the amendment
The information of the offender – for the purpose of deterring
him from the continuance of it be applied, no sooner
does the offence cease than the punishment ceases.

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