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Ready for review. Submitted by M Hersey

Click Here To Edit Punishment — one lot may serve for all three purposes + + or how to make it go as far as possible.

There three purposes, we have seen, to which a
lot of Punishment may be applied; [that ] example
that of reformation, and [that of]compensation
of them/ those were such a thing as a truth that could not
be disputed one should think it were this, that the
same lot may serve as far as it goes for all
these purposes. For which it [answers] is answering
one of them what is it that should hinder it from
answering another. a

Why in any case it should answer this one
of them the course for its answering another, is I believe
impossible to say. But in one case it is easy to
say why it should the better. In malicious> in—
juries if the punishment be primary, the way of
all others to make it go the heavy heady to the delinquent,
and on other accounts to make it go the farthest,
& to give it to the party injured: that is to apply
it to the purpose of compensation. The same punishment
becomes in virtue of this made of application
more exemplary and more analogous to the offence.
On both these accounts it becomes more popular
To persons under completion it shows
in a garb of peculiar severity: to all other persons
it shows assumes in the pleasing colours of itself under the pleasing light of equity
and justice.

the not attending to the obvious truth is a fundamental
error that provides and violates the whole

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