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Punishment – one lot may Serve

you are made to pay me ten pounds by way of amends,
the vexation pain you would feel at parting with that ten
pounds to me your enemy, would be at least as
great as if you were made to pay it to the public any body else,
it would also seem, that other people who should
chance to know of your being having been paid made to pay it,
and what it was you paid it for would be at least
as much deterred from treating their enemies in the same
injurious manner.

To yourself I say, and to men in general where
once proposed observed this may seem evident enough: to those
Lawyers it was not visible. One set of Lawyers for them[a]
were for having you made to pay me ten Pounds
upon my exacting it in my own name:[b] this ten
pounds was to answer the purpose of compensation;
which is that purpose of the three which seems to have
been a first though of[b] See Ch.. The same set of Lawyers[c], perfectly
well satisfied all the while with their maxim,
that no one to be punished twice for the same
offence, were having you made to pay other ten pounds
upon my exacting it in the King's name[d]: This seemed


[a] The Judges of the Common Law Courts.

[b] Upon a By a mode of prosecution to called an Action. The money in this case is paid given to the
party prosecuting who must be the party injured.

[c] The Judges of the Common Law Courts.

[d] Even a By a mode of prosecution
by called an Indictment. The punishment in this case may or may not
be pecuniary in the first instance. When it is pecuniary, the money
is paid to a public fund. The King is stiled the deft, though
the prosecution assign be managed as i generally is, by the private party, and carried
on at his expence.

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