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Punishment – one lot may Serve

This during

If it be a truth that one and the same lot of
Punishment may as far as it goes, be made to answer [serve for] all these purposes, two fundamental
rules may be drawn deduced from it with a view
to practise. The one is that for answering them all
no more punishment should ever be appointed than what
is necessary for answering that one of them that requires
the most.

The other is that when a lot of a determinate quantity of Punishment is pitched
upon it ought to be applied in such a manner
and chosen of such a quality as to answer as many
of them as it can.

If the first of these rules be neglected, more expence is
incurred than is necessary to purchase a given benefit:
if the second, all the benefit is not made that might
be made of a given expence.

The business of exacting punishment being split thus divided as
we have seen as to among three Courts, and split into
three different prosecutions neither of these above rules it is was impossible that both these rules
can should be perfectly uniformly effectually observed. If the offender be were prosecuted
by Indictment alone the purpose of compensation could may
not be answered, at all: If The case was the same if


professed object was a or same as benefit merely spiritual,
your soul's health salus animæ as the phrase is – first instituted in In a Punishment inflicted
these courts and always said to be
The of discipline applied was for the purpose of fitting the
soul for a future life. But as the natural effect of that
discipline – if it had any – would be to work in the mean time
an alteration of the conduct of soul and body together in
the present life, the two ends the spiritual and temporal,
could scarcely fail of presenting themselves and being pursued

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