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[Now of all these things seem to strike the Author of the
Commentaries as inconveniences]. With all this the Author
of the Commentaries seems perfectly well satisfied. to Comm. p.6. In
some of the cases [where there is a party injured] be [such as
those of Murder and Robbery] he observes finds that the purpose
of compensation is unprovided for: no matter, the
purpose of prevention is provided for and that's enough.
"In none of these gross and atrocious injuries" (says he) the private
"wrong is swallowed up in the public: we seldom hear
"any mention made of satisfaction to the individual": nor is there
any reason it seems why we should hear of it: "the
"satisfaction to the community" (he says) "being so very great." In
short (what puts an end to all argument about the we should not readily have imagined)
expediency [if compensation] he has found discover'd it out to be
impossible. This if true certainly puts an end to all arguments about [the] expediency. "And indeed", continues he, "as the public
"crime is not otherwise avenged than by forfeiture of
"life and property, it is impossible afterwards to make
"any reparation for the private wrong; which can only
be had from the body and goods of the aggressor." True
of so long as the public keeps the good; it is impossible the party
injured should [car] have them: but why should
t keep the goods; at least all the goods: or why should it ever have them?

In other inst cases, such as that those of Robbery personal injuries
he gives [such] an account of [the dispositions
made by] the Law, as shews by which it appears that the aggressor
offender is liable to be prosecuted and punished twice over; no matter
so as the party injured gets amends, it is all is all well right.
"In the case of Battery, says he or hating another
"the aggressor" (says he) "may be indicted for this at the

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